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Phalanna Drachm


AR Phalanna, Thessaly Drachm 360-340 B.C. (5.80g, 19 mm) O:Youthful male head to right with short, curly hair, perhaps Peloros (?). BCD II 569 (same dies). De Hirsch 1158. De Luynes 1858. Traite IV, 583 and pl. CCXCIII, 6. Weber 2864 (same dies). R:ΦAΛAN-NAIΩN Bridled horse trotting right, with curly tail. G:"Very rare. An astonishing coin, sharp, nicely centered and of splendid style. Reverse very slightly double-struck and with an insignificant flan fault, otherwise, good extremely fine. From an American Collection, ex Nomos 2, 18 May 2010, 65." S: Nomos 8, lot 137. 10/22/13 "This is one of the finest known examples of the type and is better than any of the pieces from the BCD collection. As for the identification of the male head as the hero Peloros, it has also been suggested that he could be Apollo or Ares, though the lack of any wreath or taenia makes that unlikely. The similarity between this head and that of Apollo on the gold staters of Philip suggests that the issues of Phalanna were influenced by them." Nomos

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Well it's been four months since I bought a coin and I've been gathering aluminum cans for the deposits. It took a few cans.


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