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Lokris Opunti Stater


AR Lokris Opuntion Stater 350’s B.C. (12.04g) O: Head of Demeter l. BCD-61 (same dies), SNG Cop-43. R: Ajax advancing to r. with shield and short sword, the shield edge with decoration. On the ground is a long spear and a javelin at an angle to it. Symbols inside the shield: palmette and griffin, rose below. ΟΠΟΝΤΙΩΝ to l. Elaborate ground line. G: Choice EF. “This coin is extremely beautiful and struck in high relief. It has very fine hair detail. It stands as a credible copy of Euainetos' Arethusa that graced Syracusan decadrachms. Tiny hairlines on reverse below shield.” Ex. Edward J. Waddell, Ltd. S: Harlan J. Berk Ltd. 180th B/B Sale, lot 306, 8/16/12 "Ajax of Lokris led his countrymen against Troy in forty ships and was counted among the great heroes of the Greeks, but for his offence against Athena he was wrecked and killed in a storm as he made his way home from the war. Nonetheless, so great was the faith of the Lokrians in their national hero that whenever their army drew up for battle, one place was always left open for Ajax, whose spirit they believed would stand and fight with them.” Roma Numismatics Auction V 3/23/13.

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Looked at this many times. Stunning. Really can't find words to describe it. The detail on the back is probably unparalleled.


Glad to see you are still grabbing some beauties. All I can do is sigh



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I always say I've been looking for a good one of these for a long time, but I've actually bid on one or two that got away, so I was very pleased to nab this one. The reverse is spectacular and the obverse is a wonderful style without blemishes unless you count the slight reduction in detail in the highest points of the hair. I'm glad you like it. -c
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This coin is a spectacular work of art. The obverse head of Demeter is elegant and the reverse rendition of Ajax looks as if he could walk out of the coin. A great addition to your spectacular, museum worthy collection. I hope someday you publish your collection.


10 ++

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Thanks for the very kind remarks, Paul. The artistry of this coin on both sides won my heart in a way few coins have. I was lucky to get it. It enhances my collection. I'd love to publish this collection some day if it reaches that stature, but I wouldn't know how to approach it. Maybe it will help form a nice catalog. -c
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