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The Olympians

STUNNING AND EXTREMELY RARE SYRACUSE TETRADRACHM SICILY, SYRACUSE, AR TETRADRACHM Sicily, Syracuse AR Tetradrachm (17.33 g, 25mm). Struck circa 405-400 BC. Quadriga in fast motion to left, charioteer holding goad and reins in both hands; Nike flying right above; a detached chariot wheel beneath the back hooves of the horses; ear of grain below double exergual line / ΣΥΡΑΚΟΣΙΩΝ, Head of Arethusa left, wearing sakkos, double earring, and necklace; around, four dolphins swimming. Tudeer 69 (O25/R47); Gulbenkian 288 (these dies); AMB 471 (these dies); Rizzo, pl. 47, 17 (these dies); Boston 415 (these dies). EXTREMELY RARE (ONLY A FEW SPECIMENS KNOWN). EXCELLENT PORTRAIT OF ARETHUSA IN THE BEST AND FINEST STYLE OF THIS CLASSICAL PERIOD !!! GOOD EXTREMELY FINE on SOUND METAL with DELIGHTFUL TONE ! A STUNNING COIN and AMONG THE BEST SPECIMENS KNOWN OF THIS TYPE !!! (See Ex. Lawrence R. Stack Collection,14.01.2008, Lot 2116 = Ex. NAC 33, 05.04.2006, Lot 95). Ex. TKALEC AG Auction, 23.10.2003, Lot 39. Ex. GEMINI VII (09.01.2011), Lot 164. Ex. ROMA NUMISMATICS. ---

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