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As Hadrian - Mauretania province


HADRIAN. Æ As. Roma, Circa 131-132 AD. Obv. HADRIANVS AVG COS III PP Draped bust right Rev. MAVRETANIA SC Mauretania standing left, holding a javelin and bridle of horse pawing left. RIC 860, C. 960 (5F) Mauretania includes current Morocco and a part of Algeria. The province is symbolized by a Moorish horseman; these light cavalry warriors participated in many wars, from the Second Punic War to the Dacian wars of Trajan (there are some representations on the Trajan's column in Rome). Hadrian produced an extensive series of coins bearing personifications of the provinces of the Empire, either alone or with Hadrian as adventus or as restitutor. These commemorate his visits and benefactions and the complete group includes Achaia, Aegyptos, Africa, Alexandria, Asia, Gallia, Germania, Hispania, Italia, Macedonia and Nilus. According to Curtis Clay, "Hill's (and Strack's) dating of Hadrian's Travel Series is incorrect. That series, as shown by die links on the aurei and other evidence, certainly fell at the very BEGINNING of the issue characterized by the obv. legend HADRIANVS AVG COS III P P. Assuming a fairly constant volume of denarius production year by year from 128 to 138, that H A COS III P P issue will have begun c. 130-131, which will accordingly also be the correct date for the Travel Series." Rare. Nice natural green patina, fine style, almost uncirculated. LAC auction 12, 7 June 2012, lot 236

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