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Dupondius Faustina I - Juno


FAUSTINA SENIOR (under ANTONINUS PIUS). Æ Dupondius. Rome, after 141 AD (after 147 AD?). Obv. DIVA FAVSTINA Draped bust right Rv. IVNO SC Juno standing left, holding a patera and a scepter. Cohen 211 (c) Sharp strike from fresh dies; nice natural Tiber patina with some brown toned areas. "Tiber Patina is a third type of bronze preservation, referring to brass coins (the conditions that create them normally destroy copper and bronze) which are well preserved with no patination, but rather a very lightly pitted brassy surface. True Tiber patination is normally seen on coins recovered from river bottoms with oxygen free conditions, but there are some soil conditions that can cause this as well. The term is also loosely (and incorrectly) applied to coins found patinated but with their patinations stripped away to give a very similar appearance." [R. Kokotailo]

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Faustina Sr

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