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Dupondius Trajan - seated Rome holding helmet


TRAJAN. Æ Dupondius, 12.35 gm. Rome, 101-102 AD Obv. IMP CAES NERVA TRAIAN AVG GERM P M Radiated head right Rev. TR POT COS IIII P P SC Roma seated left on cuirass and weapons, holding helmet and scepter. RIC -; Cohen - Unique? Seated Rome reverse with TR POT legend is not referenced in RIC nor Cohen. Aonther variation of the same serie including 2 other types (see the two preceding coins) with seated Rome holding crown with hand holding either parazonium or scepter. Different obverse die than the other seated Rome types, but of very similar style (same engraver?). It is worthwhile to note that the provenance of these coins, when known, is Bulgaria. Added to the extreme rarity and the special type with crowning Rome or presenting a helmet, it could be envisaged that this is a special issue for the victory of the first Dacian war, and distributed locally. Natural green and red patina, a little smoothing.

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This is a really beautiful coin. The seated Roma on the reverse is beautifully rendered. I am sure that you are proud to add this to your collection.
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