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AR Hadrian denarius 117-138 A.D. (3.00g) O: Laur. bust l. HADRIANUS AUG COS III PP. RIC 299. C. 139 corr. BMC 822. R: Africa hldg scorpion in right and Cobra in left hands, modius of corn at her feet; AFRIKA above. G: Very rare, Extremely Fine. S: Helios 4, lot 420, 10/14/09

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Roman Adoptive Emperors Silver

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I can't believe nobody has commented on this.


While the portrait is very well done, I always prefer the reverses on these coins and this one is very nicely done

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Thanks, Mark. I was beginning to question my judgement also. This coin is lustrous and even sharper than the photo makes it appear. The modius on the reverse has more detail than the picture. I was especially pleased to get the Nilus and Africa reverses because of their roles in Hadrian's travel series and their spectacular overall quality. I was assuming either people weren't that interested in 2nd century A.D. Imperial denarii or they just expected me to always post amazing coins. High expectations are a difficult hurdle to clear all the time. I always appreciate your insightful, and often humorous, comments. -c
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"or they just expected me to always post amazing coins"


Well, yes, this is also the case. I expect nothing less than spectacular from you.................and you continue to meet thsoe expectations.


I actually wrote something a day or so ago but did not post it, because I figured I would wait from some Roman collector to post. I feel I gave them enough time.


I am curious, is that an elephant skin headress on Africa?

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An absolute stunner in almost every regard. You know that you have previously set high expectation but you seem to always live up to them.
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Thanks, Martin. I was looking at this coin last night and admiring the reverse. It is sharper than it appears in this photo when you hold it at different angles. The scorpion which looks almost like a blob in this photo is actually quite sharp, the reclining figure has more detail, and the modius is also more detailed. It's quite an amazing coin. I am pleased at having been able to grab this one. The portrait is spectacular and virtually flawless and sharp. There is the tiniest amount of imperfection in Hadrian's beard. -c
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