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AR Hadrian Denarius 117-138 A.D. (3.19g, 19mm) Rome mint 125-128 A.D. O: HADRIANVS AVGVSTVS. Laureate head r. RIC 202. R: COS III. Crescent and 7 stars. G: Attractive toning, high relief reverse and choice. Ex. CNG, MBS 63, Lot 1344. Ex. Mike Summers collection. EF. S: Edward J. Waddell Ltd.

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Roman Adoptive Emperors Silver

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Wouldn't it be easier to just have Mike send you his coins, and then you send Ed the ones you didn't want?


This coin, the Nero, what else?

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I must have passed on at least 50 of this type before I bought this one. It is incredibly sharp.



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Do you have any idea what the significance of the stars and crescent moon is beyond the obvious . . . anyone?
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Thanks for the reference. His was an interesting discussion. I had wondered about the Pleiades, though you couldn't see them through the eclipsed moon of course. -h
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Fascinating link, Mark. Thanks so much. Wouldn't you love to be the one to find something like that someday? Best wishes, c.
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Yes, Clay, it would be exciting. In my neck of the woods, the best I could hope for is an old penny.


I still think I should move to Bulgaria with a back hoe.

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Nice article about the disk, Mark. I particularly liked the following line:


"If you urinate on a piece of bronze and then hide it in the ground for a few weeks you can produce the same patina as on the disk."


Might try this sometime with a few of my overcleaned lesser coins. :)



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Wait a minute Jeff, now I am starting to really wonder about that authentic, 9th century BC bronze door knob you sold me.


I am thinking that maybe the engraved words "Master Lock" are not the name of the ruling satrap as you claimed.


I'm not feeling good about the $5k I paid you.

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