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RIC V369


RIC 369 (Vesp), BMCRE 85 (Vesp), RSC 392var Rome Mint, 72-73 AD Obv - T CAES IMP VESP PON TR POT; Head of Titus, bearded, laureate, r. Rev - No legend. Jewess (as type of Judaea), draped, veiled, seated r. under palm-tree, in attitude of dejection, knees drawn up, head resting on l. hand, l. arm propped on knee; behind palm, prince in military dress, standing r., r. foot on helmet, holding vertical spear in r. hand and parazonium in l. aVF/F The type was issued to commemorate the end of the Jewish War of 66-70 AD. Both Titus and Vespasian minted this same reverse in Antioch and Rome. Here we have the much scarcer Rome mint example issued by Titus, it is more commonly seen as an aureus. A pleasing portrait with, sadly, a well worn reverse. The scarcity of the coin makes up for the state of preservation.

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Titus Denarii

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