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World Columbian Exposition Medal 1892 (Chicago Worlds Fair)


WORLD COLUMBIAN EXPOSITION MEDAL, 1892, COLUMBUS LANDING IN SAN SALVADOR United States, World Columbian Exposition, 1892 Bronze Medal, 50mm, 41.99 grams Obverse: Head of Liberty left wearing pileus with LIBERTY, border of stars, 1892. Reverse: Scene of Christopher Columbus and party landing at San Salvador planting flag, DEDICATED TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE IN HONOR OF THE 400TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE DISCOVERY OF AMERICA, UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL 1492. Eglit101 Purchased thru Ken Dorney 10-26-2015 The Medallic History of Christopher Columbus and the Columbian Exposition of 1893 is extensive and complex. The World's Columbian Exposition, (1892-1893), was organized to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Columbus's landfall in the New World, and to show the world the enormous progress that had taken place through those four hundred years. The WCE became a defining moment in Chicago's history and the history of the United States as a whole. When the World's Columbian Exposition opened, only 22 years had passed since the Chicago Fire of 1871; only 28 years had passed since the end of the American Civil War. In the interval, the era of Reconstruction had given way to a Gilded Age characterized by frenetic industrial growth, mass immigration, and class violence as evidenced by Chicago's 1886 Haymarket Square bombing. Experts estimate that over 27.5 million people attended the WCE.

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Thanks Paul. Not terribly expensive and the portrait of Liberty was too well done to ignore. It should be a nice contrast to the South Sea Bubble Medal I own.
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