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AE Trajan Quadrans 98-117 A.D. (3.36g) Rome mint 101-117 A.D. O: IMP CAES NERVA TRAIAN AVG, laureate head of Trajan right. RIC 691. Cohen 338. R: She-wolf crouching right, seemingly at bay; S C in exergue. G: Scarce and exquisite, like a sestertius in miniature. Sharply struck and possessing a perfect olive green patina. Choice Extremely Fine. S: Heritage Auctions Signature World & Ancient Coin Auction-Long Beach #3220, lot 25224, 9/7/12

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Roman Bronze

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Thanks, William. I'm looking forward to having this little beauty in hand. I wonder if the Heritage photo is accurate though, especially since they describe the patina as olive green. I might have to scan it and try to post another picture, though I must admit I have tried to edit some things on a couple of other coins and I can't get this website to allow editing any more. When I click on the photo options button above the row of pictures it takes me back to the same page. Photo options used to give you a list of things you could do, but not lately. -h
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Clay: I've noticed that the 'Photo options' button doesn't work in some browsers (typically, Chrome). It does work with Firefox.


Nice bronzetto BTW, easier to get such a quality on small bronzes than on sestertii, still it is very pleasing. I used to collect quadrans in the past, too; I all sold them to Kuenker 12 years ago. I still keep the semisses, that I need to photograph and put in my gallery.

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Thanks for the info about Photo Options, Jerome. I can access the choices on my iPad, but my desktop has Chrome so that must be my problem. I have my collection information and pictures in a huge Microsoft Word file which I can't seem to access on the iPad. This is my first quadrans and it appealed to me because of the quality of the portrait of Trajan and the nice wolf. The patina looks pleasing in the photo, but I haven't seen it in person yet. I hope it is as nice as Heritage says it is. -c
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