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AE Nero Dupondius 54-68 A.D. (16.16g, 29 mm) Rome mint (note the slightly smaller diameter and lighter weight of Lugdunum issues). O: Radiate bust r; NERO CLAUD CAESAR AUG GERM PM TRP IMP PP; RIC 191. WCN 193. R: SECURITAS AUGUSTI; Securitas, resting on hand and holding scepter, enthroned r. before garlanded altar, lighted torch at her feet, double arched façade behind; S C in fields; II in exergue as mark of value. G: Chocolate brown patina with reddish accents on the obverse with subtle green patination of the reverse (in indirect daylight), as the coin is essentially uncleaned. Magnificent style in high relief and a particularly elegant reverse style. Rare thus. Ex Mike Summers collection. S: Edward J. Waddell, Ltd. 3/20/08

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Yes, I agree, it's a nice portrait of Nero. I particularly like the reverse composition which has a three dimensionality to it.


It was a challenge to get the colors right, since they differ in different kinds of light. Indirect over the shoulder daylight brings out the subtle reds and greens that accent this coin so nicely. The brown is more chocolate in muted light. In bright sunlight the overall impression is brown. -h

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Yes, it was marsmike's. I found out it was available and felt an obligation to keep it in the family. -h
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Sure, y'all come on over any time, ya hear? I'll whip up some lemonade and get out my binoculars so we can look at Mars. Of course, we'll have to get all the dogs off'n the porch and see if'n we can find some shoes. But don't worry, I have a lot of cousins, some of 'em have shoes, and we might find some that fit. No need to call. Just drop on in any time. We keep a mess of country fried chitlins going most all the time and I could make you a sammich to go with that lemonade. -h
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