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AR M. Nonius Sufenas denarius (57 BC) (19mm, 3.91 gm, 12h) Rome mint. O: SVFENAS before, S. C behind, head of Saturn right; behind, harpa above stone. Crawford 421/1. Sydenham 885. Nonia 1. R: [S]EX. NONI. in exergue, PR. L. V. P. F. around, Roma seated left on pile of rocks, round shield behind, holding scepter; behind her, Victory standing left, crowning her with wreath and holding palm. G: Attractive light iridescent toning. Choice Extremely Fine. From The Mayflower Collection. S: Heritage Auction 3019, lot 23298, 4/25/12

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Roman Republican Silver

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The pilgrims were the epitome of "old money". They trusted no specie issued by tyrants. I hear the ballast of the Mayflower was all coin, especially pure silver and gold. Might not be true though, since I just made it up. -c
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Looks like a great eye appeal coin, in photo and in hand. I really like that portrait.


Myles Standish

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