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AR Alexander III Tetradrachm 336-323 B.C. Amphipolis mint (320-317 B.C.) 17.3g O: Bust of Alexander as Herakles r., wearing lion-skin headdress. Price-133 corr. R: Zeus seated l. on throne, AΛEΧANΔΡOY in r. field; dolphin downwards in l. field, monogram beneath throne. G: “Fantastic FDC” S: Harlan J. Berk Ltd. 175th B/B sale, lot 108. 7/7/11

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Macedon:Philip II, Alexander III, & successors

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IMO HJB tends toward grade inflation, BUT this one is dead on. It is a fantastic FDC. I was watching this and another in the auction. A well done Zeus.
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I had the chance to see it in person before I bid on it and it is truly flawless. I crossed my fingers and took a chance somebody else might snap it up. Harlan had bought a small hoard of these and this was the sharpest of those he had left. I didn't see the ones he had sold, but it's hard to imagine they could've been much better. I agree about the grading. Unfortunately all dealers don't use the same grading criteria, so a collector has to learn the dealer. An aspect of the coin I find interesting is the way the Y of Alexandroy seems to overlie or push through the border of dots. I find myself debating which was done first: the border of dots or the Y.
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I venture to guess that the dots came first, with the vestige of a dot sitting at the fork of the letter Y (at a shallower depth) being the proof.


It is the best example of all the ATG tets in your collection. I forgot that you had such a large ATG tet and drachm collection. I just spent a half an our looking thru them. I am re-amazed.

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Yes, I see that dot now. You have good eyes. The border of dots must have guided placement of the elements of the design.


Alex interests me. I now have lifetime drachms and tets plus posthumous tets and tets from the three most important companions. I also have the last coins minted at places Alex conquered including the Paeonion tet, the Chalkideon as well as a posthumous Philip etc. Maybe one day I can have a coin from each place he minted at and the last coins from the cities he conquered. One can dream. . . . . -c

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