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AR SICYONIA: Sicyon stater (Ca. 431-400 BC).(12.16 gm). O: Chimaera crouching right, ΣΕ below. BCD Pelop. 193 (same dies). Traité III 776. R: Dove flying right, strung bow in right field, laurel wreath around. G: Well struck in exceptional metal. Extremely fine. S: Freeman & Sear 2/12/10

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Greek Silver

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Thanks, Mark. I can't tell for sure from the picture. I'll have to get back to you once I have the coin in hand. It looks like a pretty good example of the type and it makes a nice partner with the one I already had where the chimaera and dove are headed the other way. -c
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I have the coin in hand now Mark and I see no evidence of double striking. I see what you wondered might be slight die shift but I think it is inherent in the die design. The surfaces are quite good and the metal is lustrous. I don't see any sign of wear on the coin though very subtle loss of sharpness of the dies might be present. This coin is not quite FDC, but it is certainly well preserved and possibly even mint state. -c
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