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Ptolemaic Kingdom, Ptolemy I Soter, 294 B.C., Tetradrachm, Svoronos 236


Silver Tetradrachm of Ptolemy I Soter, founder of the Pteolmaic Kingdom Obv:– Diademed head of Ptolemy I right wearing aegis Rev:– ΠΤΟΛΕΜΑΙΟΥ ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ, Eagle standing left on thunderbolt, monogram left Minted in Alexandria, B.C. 294 Reference:– Svoronos 236, SNG Cop 75 14.379g, 29.9mm, 0o Ex-Forum Ancient Coins The following notes were provided by Forum in their catalog description. "Struck on a briefly used standard of 21-attic obols. Broad flan. Overstruck over an Alexander tetradrachm, which had a banker's mark. Undertype visible at 4:00 on obverse. Minor chip. Rare overstrike!" The coin has the signature of the Delta artist behind the ear (between the ear and the first curl near the neck). I was not aware of this wonderful detail and it wasn't mentioned by Forum in their description either. This artist was a master craftsman and was responsible for some coins of high artistry at Alexandria during the reign of Ptolemy I (possibly into the early reign of Ptolemy II) and produced from quite early in the reign, including one of the iconic elephant's skin headdress tetradrachm.

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