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SICILY, Akragas AR Didrachm (8.88 g, 9). Circa 495-480/78 BC. O: ΑΚΡΑ Eagle standing to left, wings closed. Jenkins, Gela Group III. SNG ANS 949. R CΑΣ (retrograde) Crab within circular incuse. G: "A splendid piece, bright, lustrous, very well struck and perfectly centered. Good extremely fine." S: Nomos, Auction 1, lot 16, 5/6/09 This is a late example of Jenkins’ Group III. Of interest is the way the legend begins on the obverse and continues on to the reverse - this way of arranging the inscription is rarely found on Greek coins (on Roman coins, of course, the imperial titles commonly move from the obverse to the reverse), though the obverse and reverse types can occasionally form a single scene (as with the early didrachms from Gela). The eagle on the obverse of this coin is particularly nice, especially given its unusually fine condition and perfect centering.

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Greek Sicily Silver

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WOW! I was considering that coin but Ed gently steered me away. This is an awesome

coin and about as nice as one could hope for of the type. Congratulations!


My No. 1 coin comes up for auction tomorrow morning. Wish me luck.


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Yes, Mike. Ed steered me away also until he saw the coin and decided it was nice. He also was encountering feedback suggesting other coins I was interested in would be expensive and he proved right on that. Once he saw this coin he had trouble finding anything to criticize. As Mark pointed out this is a sweet coin. I do wish you luck tomorrow. You must have found something in the Tkalec sale of interest. I'll have to look at that catalog again and see if I can guess what it is. -Clay
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Yes, it's 11. Please don't bid against me. I love the ugly coin with lots of porosity. It is very common - you find them in pocket change. It will go for about half of estimate.


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Well, you two constantly confound me.


I guess I should have said 11, simply based on your fondness for those tiny little coins.


BTW maybe these are found in YOUR pocket change. Mine are empty :-)

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I haven't seen it yet, except the picture in the catalog and the one online, but I would say aesthetically it is not quite as good. Pricewise, it was less than the tetradrachm which is rarer, especially in that condition. I'm continually amazed at the prices ancients are commanding at every subsequent auction. I keep expecting the bubble to burst, but then another auction comes along and makes history of the previous prices. It's a most interesting phenomenon to watch, Jeff. -c
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