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As Titus - Altar with statues


TITUS (under VESPASIAN). Æ As. Lugdunum, 77-78 AD Obv. T CAES IMP AVG TR POT COS VI CENSOR Laureated head right, globe at point of bust, Rev. PROVIDENT SC altar-enclosure (of the Ara Providentiae Augusti?) decorated with 2 statues RIC 785, Cohen 176 (2 F) The reverse features an altar of Providence, like the Ara Providentiae Augusti depicted on the asses of the 'Divus Augustus Pater' struck in Rome, but differs in the decorations and mouldings; it may then represent a local monument from Lugdunum? It may also be considered in the light of other types struck at the same time in Lugdunum, like the Jupiter temple type for Vespasian: a Rome monuments serie? Scarce. Nice natural patina.

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New RIC 1272 ©.


The new RIC distinguishes three variants of this type:


figures on side panels, no garland, like yours;


floral ornaments on side panels, no garland, like your other specimen, RIC 1270, allegedly R2;


floral ornaments on side panels, with garland.

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Does the new RIC rate it as Common? This type is rare to find; indeed there is none in coinarchive. I would even rate it as rare as the Jupiter temple issue for Vespasian.
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