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Mn. Fonteius denarius


Rome (republic) denarius —struck by Mn. Fonteius C. f., 85 BC obv.- MN FONTEI CF; Laureate head of Vejovis right, monogram of Roma below chin, thunderbolt beneath neck rev.- Infant winged Genius seated on goat right, caps of Dioscuri above, thyrsus below, all within wreath RSC Fonteia 9; Crawford 353/1a; Syd. 724 21mm; 3.8g This is one of the few ancient coins that my wife actually likes, on account of the wonderfully charismatic goat (see detail pic). Oversized flan, and so deeply toned it looks bronze. According to Seaby: "In the temple of Vejovis in Rome, there stood near his statue a goat bearing a winged Genius on his back, a representation of which recalls the infancy of Jupiter who was suckled by the goat Amaltheia on Mount Ida."

From the album:

* Roman times, ex-tetrarchy *

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