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AE Follis of Ostia. Struck c.A.D.309. Obverse: IMP C MAXENTIUS P F AVG. Laureate head of Maxentius facing right. Reverse: AETERNITAS AVG N. The Dioscuri standing facing each other, each holding horse by bridle, between them, wolf and twins; in exergue, MOSTA. RIC VI : 16. The statues of the Dioscuri represented on this coin are likely those which were situated in the precinct of the Lacus Juturnae and probably dated from the 5th century B.C. The moneyer, L. Memmius struck denarii with this type during the Republic and although the positions of the Dioscuri relative to their mounts differ on this coin it is possible that, as the statues occupied separate bases, they may have been transposed at some period during the intervening four centuries.

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