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Crispus, AE3, 318, London


Crispus, AE3, 318, London CRISPVS NOB CAES Laureate, cuirassed bust right PRINCIPIA I_VVENTVTIS Prince, laureate, in military dress with cloak spread behind, standing facing, head right, transverse spear pointing forward in right hand, globe in left Crescent in left field PLN in exergue 19mm x 20mm, 3.17g RIC VII, -- Note: The reverse type is listed in RIC for Constantine I, however, the listed types for Crispus with this reverse legend all have prince, helmeted, standing right, reversed spear in right hand, left hand on shield. This is either a new type for Crispus, or a mule of a Crispus obverse and Constantine I reverse. Most likely, this is a reverse die for Constantine I, since the figure is laureate and not helmeted or bare-headed, although bare-headed and laureate examples exist for Crispus from other mints. Also, this reverse die shows a legend break unlisted in RIC. The expected break is V_V and footnotes on p.105 also document examples with A-I but none with I_V.

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