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Macrianus, AR Antoninianus, 260-261, Samosata (?)


Macrianus, AR Antoninianus, 260-261, Antioch (?), Samosata (?) IMP C FVL MACRIANVS P F AVG Radiate, cuirassed bust right ROMAE AETERNAE Roma seated left on shield, Victory in right hand, spear in left 20mm x 23mm, 4.36g RIC V, Part II, -- (cf. RIC 11 for Antioch) Note: The style of this piece is clearly different from the usual Antioch mint issues and may be a different eastern mint. In Göbl's work "Moneta Imperii Romanii" covering the Macrianus and Quietus issues, on p. 125 there are a few examples for Macrianus and Quietus with the same style as this coin. Note the shape of the Ms especially and the middle legs are joined and only run half-way the length of the letter, as opposed to the more commonly found split-leg M with all even lengths. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be a published proposal for an alternative mint for this issue, although I have heard the Samosata mint in what is now Southeastern Turkey may have been in operation for these. Also, I could not find any examples on-line of this extremely rare type, so the published examples by Göbl are the only ones to which I could compare.

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