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Tetricus I / A.D. 271-274 / Billon Antoninianus


[b]Attribution:[/b] RIC 126 (RIC V, Part II) [b]Mint:[/b] Cologne [b]Date:[/b] 273-274 AD [b]Obverse:[/b] IMP TETRICVS P F AVG; Radiate and cuirassed bust right [b]Reverse:[/b] SALVS AVGG; Salus standing left, feeding snake rising from altar left, and holding anchor [b]Size:[/b] 19mm [b]Weight:[/b] 2.35 grams Ex. Braithwell Hoard, Via Imperial Coins [quote]The Braithwell Hoard was discovered in 2002 in South Yorkshire UK by a Metal Detectorist. It contained 1331 antoniniani, the vast majority of which were of the Romano-Gallic empire. Richard Abdy and J.D. Hill have recorded the hoard, and will be publishing the full details in the near future. This coin is from that hoard and has been assigned a "Braithwell" number per the preliminary hoard report..[/quote]

From the album:

Secessionist Empires

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