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As Trebonianus Gallus - Apollo


TREBONIANUS GALLUS. Æ As. Rome, 253 AD. Obv. IMP CAES C VIB TREB GALLVS AVG Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust r. Rev. APOLLO SALVTARI SC Libertas standing left, holding pileus and scepter. RIC 171; C 22 Rare. Perhaps a reference to the plague that was devastating the empire, and from which Hostilian died. Same obv. die as Lanz 100, lot 318 ( http://www.acsearch.info/record.html?id=179610 ). [IMG]http://www.acsearch.info/images/18/179610.jpg[/IMG] Found in the Abruzzi. Nice untouched natural patina with variations of green.

From the album:

The military crisis

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