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AR P. Cornelius Lentulus Marcellinus Denarius 58 B.C.(50 B.C. acc. To Crawford) (3.8g) This coin from the quaestor of 48 B.C. alludes to the moneyer’s ancestor’s (M. Claudius Marcellus holder of 5 Consulships and one of the principal Roman heroes of the 2nd Punic War) conquest of Sicily and capture of Syracuse (symbolized by the triskeles) in 212-210 B.C. during the Hannibalic period, which rescued the state from imminent bankruptcy, and the reverse refers to the presentation by Claudius Marcellus of the spolia opima he had captured from Britomarus, Gallic chieftain of the Boii, after he killed this Insubrian chief of Cisalpine Gaul in battle in 222 B.C. O: Hd. Of M. Claudius Marcellus r., triskeles behind, MARCELLINUS before; Craw.439/1(Obv.dies 30, Rev. dies 33); Syd.1147; Kestner 3507; BMCRR Rome 4206; CNR Claudia 17; Claudia 11. R: Tetrastyle temple with togate figure approaching from the left with a Trophy; in left field, COS QUINC; in right field (L) MARCELLUS. G: aEF. Very rare.

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