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AR P. Fonteius P.f. Capito Denarius 55 B.C.(4.0g) O: P. FONTEIUS CAPITO III VIR CONCORDIA; diad. and veiled hd. of Concordia r.; RSC Didia 1; BMC 3856; Syd 901; Craw. 429/2a R: A view of the Villa Publica; T. DIDI on l.; IMP below; VIL. PUB on r. Titus Didius was Consul in 98 B.C. and subsequently proconsul of Spain and at the end of the war was given the title Imperator and a triumph at Rome. From the type it would appear that he restored or embellished the Villa Publica on that or a subsequent occasion. The moneyer P. Fonteius was probably related to the Didia gens by marriage and the bust of Concord would represent the good feeling between the two families. G: Toned. GVF S: SPINK NUM CIRC XCIX(9) 11/91 (lot 7033)

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Roman Republican Silver

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