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AR Thraco-Macedonian Tribes, The Ichnai, Octadrachm 490-480 B.C.(28.2g) O: Herdsman leading oxen l., 3 rayed star above; IXNAI around; Sear-1316 R: Cart Wheel in incuse square G: "Struck from unrecorded dies." cf NFA X(lot 94). VF S: Harlan J. Berk, Ltd. 78th B/B Sale(lot 52) 9/9/93 c.f. Classical Numismatic Review , Vol. XXVII, Summer 2002. Lot 23 is apparently from the same dies and is attributed to King Getas of the Edones and minted from 470-465 B.C.. They reference Tatscheva’s work in “Essays to Edith Schonert-Geiss”, 1998, page 626,1. According to CNG and Tatscheva, prior to the CNG coin there were only 13 known examples of Getas’ Octodrachms and only one was in private hands. The CNG example would then presumably be the 14th published example. However this coin was purchased from Harlan Berk in 1993 and published in his 78th Bid or Buy sale, but it was attributed to the Ichnai 15-20 years earlier. Assuming Tatscheva and CNG are correct, this coin would be one of three Getas Octodrachms in private hands and one of only two from this set of dies.

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While others in your collection are more visually stunning, I find this coin the most interesting...and probably the rarest. Super coin!



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