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AU Maximianus Herculius Aureus 286-305 A.D.(6.15g) Rome 293 A.D. O: MAXIMIANUS PF AUG; Laur.hd.r.; Pink Num. Zettschr. 1931, p.21 (cites a single specimen only, in Florence); C 595 (150 Fr., formerly Paris); erroneously omitted from RIC V/2 R: VIRTUS AUGG; Hercules r. forcing stag to ground; on l., lionskin draped over club (As part of his labors Hercules was ordered to capture the Kerynitian stag, which had golden antlers and was sacred to Artemis, and bring it alive to King Eurystheus in Mycenae). G: FDC S: Harlan J. Berk, Ltd.

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Gorgeous example of Hercules' fourth Labour. Although I've always heard of it referred to as the Ceryneian Hind, perhaps your description is the original Greek vs. Roman?


Anyway, phenomenal coin. Thanks for sharing this treasure!



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Alex, you're a hoot! I HAVE been thinking about getting into English hammered a lot lately.


The description of the coin is from Harlan's tag that came with the coin. I must admit to not having done my homework about the correct name of the hind or stag. I defer to your expertise on this, Zach.


The coin is actually much better than the scan. It is one of my few absolutely perfect coins. High relief, sharp new dies, brilliant luster, rare reverse design, flawless. When I get the collection out I may rescan it and see if I can get you guys a better picture.


Thanks for the comments.


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