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M Fourius Philus Denarius


AR M. Fourius Philus L.f. 119 B.C. (3.76g) O: Laur. Head of Janus; M FOURI L F around; Crawford 281/1 R: PHILI ROMA; Roma stg l, wearing Corinthian helmet, holding scepter in l hand and crowning trophy with wreath; the trophy is surmounted by a boar’s head helmet and flanked by a carnyx and shield on each side, star above. G: “Attractive dark toning and exceptionally complete and detailed”, EF S: Edward J. Waddell, Ltd. Auction 6/28/04 "The reverse alludes to the defeat of the Allobroges by Q. Fabius Maximus in 120 BC. Their subjugation lead to the annexation of Gallia Narbonensis as a new Roman province. This denarius is one of the few in the Republican series to refer to a contemporary event. " CNG

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