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Euainetos Decadrachm


AR Syracuse, Sicily Decadrachm 400 B.C. (43.38g) die signed by Euainetos, minted under Dionysius I (405 B.C.-368 B.C.) O: Fast quadriga driven left by female charioteer leaning forward with kentron in r. hand and hldg reins in l.; above, Nike flying right to crown her. Below exergual line, display of military harness set on two steps; shield and crested helmet, cuirass between greaves, beneath the cuirass, ATHLA. Rizzo plate 54,5 (these dies), AMB 481 (these dies), Dewing 899 (these dies), Kraay-Hirmer pl. 36,106 (this reverse die). L. Mildenberg Uber Kimon und Euainetos im Funde von Naro, Essays Kraay-Morkholm, 19 (this coin). Gallatin, The Syracusan Decadrachms of the Euainetos Type, R9/D11. R: SYRAKOSION; Head of Kore-Persephone (Arethusa) l. wearing barley wreath, triple pendant earring and beaded necklace; below chin, delta. Around, three dolphins swimming while a fourth makes dorsal contact with neck truncation; below EY – [AI]NE. G: EF “A superb specimen of this prestigious issue. Well-struck in high relief. Delightful cabinet tone and extremely fine.” Ex Leu 54,41 1992. From the Ed Milas collection.” S: Numismatica Ars Classica NAC AG 29, lot 124, auction 5/11/05

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WOW, WOW, WOW. A signed Tet.


One of the coins of my dreams along with Mikes Naxos (and a few others).





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Guest Buzzygirl


MAN. That's an astounding coin. How does detail like that survive for 1400 years?
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A very good question. I would love to know the answer to how something of this artistic quality can stay in the ground for 2400 years and come out looking this good. We'll probably never know, but it obviously had to be protected from the elements. I think centrally located coins in a hoard are protected by the formation of a sphere of more corroded coins as the more exterior coins are chemically altered.
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