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Vepcorf Stater hoard


21 Dynastic inscribed issue staters of the Corieltauvi. 1 x AVN COST 2xVolisios Dvmnocoveros 17 x retrograde vepcorf 1xdomino type. Declared and disclaimed by the Treasure act. DCMS annual treasure report 2000 Numismatic chronicle 2001, Found 01/04/2000

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British Tribe Celtic Coins

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Amazing! Money doesn't grow on trees...it's buried beneath them!


Excellent example of how cooperation between collectors/detectorists and governmental oversight is a win-win for both sides. Now, if we can just get countries East of the Channel to do the same...



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what a shame we don't have a kind of Treasure Trove in France, some hoards are regularly dispersed without proper study ...



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Yes it was very exiting every time the machine made a signal you knew it was another of these coins. You just didn't know how many could be down there 5, 50, 500 and at an average of £1000 each nice on the value side as well. We never did find the hoard location spot and im certain we didnt find all the coins the bottom of the pot with 100's in could still be there to this day.
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