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Dupondius Didius Julianus


DIDIUS JULIANUS. Æ dupondius. Rome, 28 March – 1st June 193 AD. Obv. IMP CAES DID JULIAN AVG Radiated head right Rev. CONCORD MILIT SC Concordia standing left holding legionary eagle and standard Cohen 5 (80 F) In the confusion that followed the assassination of Pertinax, the praetorian guard held a scandalous spectacle: an auction for the emperorship. There was spirited bidding between Flavius Sulpicianus, the father-in-law of the murdered Pertinax, and the senator Didius Julianus, one of the wealthiest men in Rome. When Julianus pledged an accession bonus of 25,000 sestertii per guard, it was a bid that Sulpicianus could not top. The praetorians led Julianus before the terrified Senate, which had no choice but to ratify the coup d’état. The people of Rome, however, were disgusted by this shameful turn of events and sent messengers to seek help from the commanders of the legions in the provinces. Three generals responded and marched on Rome. Septimius Severus, being the closest to Rome, had the upper hand. The praetorians were no match for the battle hardened soldiers from the frontier, and they quickly decided in favor of Severus. Didius Julianus was not so fortunate, as he was captured at the beginning of June and beheaded in the manner of a common criminal. [NAC] Mid bronzes for Didius Julianius are rarer than Sestertii. From ARSANTIQVA auction 3 November 2000.

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Civil war 193-197 AD

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