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As Antoninus Pius - Genius of the Roman People


ANTONINUS PIUS. 139 AD. AE As (). Rome, 139 AD. Obv. ANTONINVS AVG PIVS P P Laureated head r. Rev. TR POT COS II SC, in exergue G PR Genius of the Roman People standing left, holding cornucopia and sacrificing out of patera over adorned burning altar; at his feet, adorned altar burning. C. 396 (3F) In Roman mythology, every man had a genius and every woman a juno (Juno was also the name of the queen of the gods). Originally, the genii and junones were ancestors ho guarded over their descendants. Over time, they turned into personal guardian spirits, granting intellectual prowess. Sacrifices were made to one's genius or juno on one's birthday. In addition to the genius or juno of each individual, regions, families, households and cities had a genius. [wikipedia] Tiber patina Ebay 11 March 2005. CNG 57, 4 April 2001, lot 113

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Antoninus Pius

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