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As Hadrian - Restitution of Italia


HADRIAN. Æ As. Rome, circa 131-132 AD. Obv. HADRIANVS AVG COS III P P Bare headed and draped bust right Rev. RESTITVTORI ITALIAE SC Hadrian, togate, standing right, holding scroll in his left hand and extending his right to raise up a draped figure of Achaea kneeling to left, holding cornucopiae. RIC 957; C. 1277v (left bust) At the end of Hadrian's reign he produced an extensive series of coins bearing personifications of the provinces of the Empire, either alone or with Hadrian as adventus or as restitutor. These commemorate his visits and benefactions and the complete group includes Achaia, Aegyptos, Africa, Alexandria, Asia, Gallia, Germania, Hispania, Italia, Macedonia and Nilus. The issues for Egypt (including Alexandria and Nilus) are the most extensive, very possibly because of the connection with Antinoos. The late date for these coins, Hill dates them all to 136, despite the fact that the trips took place much earlier in his reign, is probably to be associated with the festivities marking the 25th anniversary of his accession to the throne. Rare. Burgan fixed price list 26 05/1993

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I would date the travel series earlier, c. 131-2 AD. The occasion appears to have been Hadrian's safe return from his second great tour.


The travel series certainly comes very near the beginning of the large issue with obv. legend HADRIANVS AVG COS III P P. Assuming an even production of denarii year by year from 128 until 138 (a big "if", of course), that issue will have begun c. 131.


A large proportion of Hill's datings are, unfortunately, pure speculation, not based on any solid evidence whatever!

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