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Otacilia Severa AR Antoninanus / Concordia


[b]Attribution:[/b] RIC 126 (RIC IV, Part III), RSC 17 [b]Mint:[/b] Rome [b]Date:[/b] 246-247 AD [b]Obverse:[/b] M OTACIL SEVERA AVG; Diademed and draped bust right on crescent [b]Reverse:[/b] CONCORDIA AVGG; Concordia seated left, holding double cornucopia and patera, altar before [b]Size:[/b] 23.32 mm [b]Weight:[/b] 4.5 grams Some additional info from Curtis Clay [i]"Your coin can be precisely dated to c. spring 247. Not earlier, because it shows the altar at Concordia's feet which was added to the type c. spring 247. Not later, because Otacilia's obv. legend still begins with M, which was dropped from the legend c. summer 247. These dates depend on the assumption that these changes were simultaneous with similar changes on the coins of Philip I, one of whose types bore the date TR P IIII, equivalent to 247 AD."[/i] From Ancient Imports

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Crisis and Decline

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