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Xanthos, Lycia (Kuprlli Dynast)


[b]Xanthos, Lycia (Kuprlli Dynast; 480-450 BC.) AR Tetrobol[/b] [u]Obv[/u]: Pegasos flying left; triskeles below; all on raised square. [u]Rev[/u]: K [O] PRLLE legend surrounding central triskeles; all within incuse square with dotted border. [u]Attribution[/u]: Rosen 721 (this coin); Morkholm/Zahle, pg. 58 ss. [u]Provenance[/u]: ex. Malter Gallery (#164), 11.20.05; ex. Bank Leu 54 (#152); ex. Jonathan P. Rosen Collection, Monnaies et Medailles 72, (#352), 10.6.87. [u]Weight[/u]: 3.05 gm. [u]Maximal Diameter[/u]: 13.44 mm. [u]Axis[/u]: 12 [u]Note[/u]: Jonathan P. Rosen Collection coin. The period 480-440 BC. was the time of Kuprlli's rule in Xanthos, or at least when he was minting coinage. The earliest hoard containing his coinage is the Asyut hoard, which seems to have been buried around 470 BC. GK203

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