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Gallienus. A.D. 253-268. Bimetallic medallion (orichalcum and copper, 40 mm, 65.12 g, 6). Rome, A.D. 261-262. IMP GALLIENVS P F AVG, laureate and cuirassed bust left, holding spear in his right hand and with a shield ornamented with the head of Medusa over his left shoulder / VIRTVS AVG, aAt center, Gallienus standing facing, head to left, holding spear in his left hand, which rests on a shield supported by arms, and placing his right hand atop a military trophy with three seated captives at its base, to his left; to right, Victory standing left, holding palm in her left hand and crowing the emperor with a wreath held in her right. BMCRM 13 = Gnecchi 34 = Göbl 779 = (?) Cohen 1268. Extremely rare, probably the second known example. Very fine. Ex Leu 86 (5 May 2003), 952. Realized CHF 6600 on an estimate of CHF 7500.

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Roman Imperial Medallions

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