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Maxentius. A.D. 306-312. AV medallion of 4 aurei (21.41 g). Rome, ca. A.D. 308. IMP C M VAL MAXENTIVS P F AVG, bare head left / CONSERVA-TO-R VRBIS SVAE, Roma seated left on shield decorated with the she-wolf and twins, holding Victory on globe in right hand, long sceptre in left; P R. RIC -, but cf. 166 (this reverse type); Gnecchi -; R. A. G. Carson, "A Treasure of Aurei and Multiples from the Mediterranean," cf. 106-108 (this obverse die, different reverse type) = R. A. G. Carson, "The Greatest Discovery of Roman Gold Pieces Since the Great Find at Arras," London Illustrated News (14 November 1959), p. 650, fig 1; Depeyrot p. 153; cf. Bastien, Donativa p. 71, note 6; Cohen -. Of the highest rarity, only two specimens known. An impressive medallion with a delightful portrait of Maxentius. Light scratch in reverse field, otherwise extremely fine. Ex NAC 24 (5 December 2002), 264. Realized CHF 95,000 on an estimate of CHF 70,000. NAC: Another of the impressive medallions of Maxentius from our collection, this piece features an especially patriotic reverse, the inscription of which identifies Roma as the preserver of her city. In all of her majesty, Roma, holds a scepter and a Victory upon a globe and sits upon an oval shield emblazoned with the she-wolf suckling the twins Romulus and Remus. Close examination of this piece suggests the scene is contained within a grotto in the same manner as it was presented on coins of Antoninus Pius for the 900th anniversary of Rome in the year 147.

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