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Vol 04 No. 09 September 1990

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About This File

Welcome to the newest ancient coin journal in the world! Well, that's not exactly true. By Webster's definition, the term "journal" can be applied to any newspaper or magazine. By those criteria, we have already been in the journal business for four years now. Never-the-less, we proudly present the all-new journal before you.

For some reason, the word journal seems to command a little more respect than "tabloid." Not that we felt like Rodney Dangerfield, but let's face it - newspaper has its limitations.

For those of you who are reading these lines for the first time, perhaps an explanation is in order. This issue marks the beginning of a new era in the life of our publication. Starting (literally) on a kitchen table with a 12-page tabloid some four years ago, we have enjoyed heart-warming support from our advertisers and readers and are now able to return a dividend on their investment by dressing up the package.

We are committed to providing the best publication about ancient coins and antiquities that we can possibly assemble. We are also very serious about those little intangibles like dependability, service, and integrity. Everyone in business likes to think that they take care of these virtues (bankers like to plaster those words all over their walls) but we really do try. If we slip up, we expect that you will let us know!

Although we have arbitrarily adopted the title "journal", please do not confuse The Celator with journals of the oilier type. That is, journals of a Society or Association whose primary purpose is the dissemination of scholarly research material. True, we have published several exclusive articles, revealing major new discoveries or interpretations; we have presented catalogs of types previously unpublished; and we have enjoyed articles written by some of the most well-known and respected numismatists in the world. Still, we are not a scholarly journal and make no claim to that effect.

We attempt to inform, educate and entertain. We offer articles of substance, alongside articles written especially for beginners in our hobby. We also offer articles and features which are intended only for humor, relaxation, and enjoyment. The specific goal of The Celator is, and has always been, to advance the appreciation of ancient art, especially as reflected in numismatics and antiquities.

The passing of the original format is a little sad in a way. As we watched the last issue roll off the press it seemed like an old friend was fading away. We had become so comfortable with the layout, and technical details, that it really was beginning to get easy. Perhaps too easy! Quality is never static, and it was becoming difficult for us to continue showing improvement. The alternative was unacceptable. We will undoubtedly learn from mistakes along the way, but we believe the opportunities before us are vastly improved and we look forward to a bright future.

Since this is a sort of farewell, we feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude to the many contributors who helped make The Celator what it is today. It is impossible to name them all, but there are a few who simply cannot go unmentioned. We will always be indebted to Dennis Kroh of Empire Coins, who was the salvation of Vol. 1, No.1, with a full page and a lI2 page ad. Without his support at that critical juncture there might never have been a NO.2. Editorially, no one has contributed more faithfully than David Liebert of the Time Machine Company, who has voluntarily written for 36 of our 38 issues. Other substantial and long-term contributions, in the form of articles, have been made by Stephen Album, David Hendin, Simon Bendall. Ron Kollgaard, Marvin Tameanko, Bob Levy, Larry McKinney and Keith Emmett. Many other authors, too many to mention, have contributed excellent articles as well. Certainly not of less importance have been the regular advertisers who support this publication day in and day out, 12 months a year. Their loyalty and patience have been exceptional.

We have taken the liberty of using this column, The Celator's Point of View, as a platform for general announcements, philosophical discussions, self-defense, opinion airing, and just plain rambling. It is, after all, one of the few benefits we publishers can enjoy (no company car or executive washroom). Often, it feels like writing a letter to an old friend - sometimes moralizing but knowing that the intent will be understood. For that, my personal thanks to our many faithful adherents. Now, on to an exciting new issue of The Celator and an equally exciting new era. Remember, we also have a section for you to express your point of view!




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