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Follis Diocletian - post-abdication


DIOCLETIAN Senior Augustus (305-310). Follis. Trier, 305-306 AD. Obv. D N DIOCLETIANO BEATISSIMO SEN AVG Half figure r., laureate, wearing Imperial mantle (trabea) and holding olive branch and mappa. Rev. PROVIDENTIA DEORVM QVIES AVGG Providentia standing r., extending r. hand to Quies, standing l., holding branch in r. hand and leaning on sceptre; at sides, S - F. In exergue, PTR. RIC 15a. C 426. Struck after Diocletian and Maximian's abdication, after which they beard the titles of respectively, Beatissimo and Felicissimo. The letters SF may stand for Saeculi Felicitas. Scarce. Partial silvering, sharp details.

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Late Roman Empire

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