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As Domitian - ludi saeculares


DOMITIAN. AE As. Rome, 88-89 AD (end of 88?). Obv. IMP CAES DOMIT AVG GERM P M TR P VIII CENS PERP P Laureated head right Rev. LVD SAEC FEC COS XIIII / SC Domitian standing left, sacrificing over altar; to left, victimarius slaying bull, whose head is held by kneeling figure, flute and lyre players standing right; hexastyle temple in background. RIC 625; Cohen 90 (10F) This type belongs to an extensive serie commemorating the Secular Games held in Autumn of 88 A.D. The Secular Games, Ludi Saeculares, were religious ceremonies that took place in Rome every 100 or 110 years; they had a mythological origin but were actually held in 249 and 140 BC, after which they fell into abeyance until Augustus revived them in 17 BC. They involved sacrifices to a number of different gods and goddesses, after which there were theatrical performances and some athletic events. The Ludi Saeculares of 88 AD was an event that was one of the few highlights of Domitian's principate, and the coin types celebrating them are among the most interesting of Domitian's coinage. The reverses of the gold and silver issues typically employ a herald of the games, while the bronze issues convey the various events which occurred before and during the celebration, combining architectural and ritual motifs. The legend LVDi SAECulares FECit is used throughout, and conveys the emperor as bringing the celebration of the games to the city. [CNG] This specific type would feature the sacrifice to Jupiter Optimus Maximus, offered on the first day at the Capitole. For a complete list of the events featured on coins, see S. GSELL, Essai sur le règne de l’empereur Domitien, chap. 3 (http://www.mediterranee-antique.info/Rome/Gsell/Dom_00.htm) The simplest As type with Domitian sacrificing with two musicians before a temple facade, is the commonest; all other ones including this one are much rarer. Ex. Tater's R. (Ebay), 19 Jan. 2011

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I love a coin that can be pinpointed so specifically in the historical record AND has an interesting aspect to it. The reverse on this is well done and well preserved.


size and weight? just curious.

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A well-known reverse, that is not often well done artistically. This example however, is outstanding... congratulations on its acquisition!
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