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Kyrene, Cyrenaica (Magas Reign, 308-277 BC.)


[B]Kyrene, Cyrenaica (308-277 BC.) AR Didrachm[/B] [u]Obv[/u]: Head of Apollo Myrtous w/ long, wiry hair & myrtle wreath, facing right. [u]Rev[/u]: Silphium (Type IIIa) w/ 6 leafleted arms; jerboa in lower right field; KY-PA legend flanking either side of the silphium plant. [u]Attribution[/u]: BMC Cyrenaica 262a, Pl.XXIV #11B (same dies). [u]Provenance[/u]: ex. Harlan J. Berk Buy/Bid Sale 166 (lot 214), 8.5.09. [u]Weight[/u]: 6.59 gm. [u]Maximal Diameter[/u]: 18.06 mm. [u]Axis[/u]: 12 [u]Note[/u]: Jerboas are jumping rodents capable of covering a distance of 3 m (10 ft) with one leap. They spring from their extended hind legs, using their tails for balance. Jerboas live primarily in the arid regions of Africa and Central Asia and feed on plants, seeds, and insects. They extract all the water they need from these foods. [IMG]http://images.encarta.msn.com/xrefmedia/sharemed/targets/images/pho/t054/T054931A.jpg[/IMG]

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North Africa - Cyrenaica

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Thanks. HJB had it listed as overstruck, but I'm not really seeing that anywhere except for the strike weakness on the lower left reverse. But, even then, I can't perceive an undertype. If anything, these didrachms would have been overstruck by pirates in Crete for mercenary payment.
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