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Denarius, 3.13 g, 20 mm, 6 h, 221-222 AD Obv: IMP ANTONINVS PIVS AVG, Laureate (with horn) and draped bust right Rev: SVMMVS SACERDOS AVG, Elagabalus standing left, sacrificing over tripod, holding patera with right hand and branch (downward) with left hand; star in left field Rome mint? RIC IVii indicates that this series could have been minted at Antioch RIC IVii 146 Ex - Ancient-Empire

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Severan Dynasty

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One of the earliest rev. dies of these emperor-sacrificing types, which were all introduced together in the course of 221, with star erroneously engraved behind the emperor, then eradicated in the die and re-engraved where it belonged in front of him.


The two stars have been recognized on some of these dies, but not the fact that the one behind the emperor was expunged, and the explanation that it was a correction, and the subsequent dating of the corrected dies to the very beginning of the issue; these ideas are my own little discovery.


Curtis Clay

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