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AE20 Vespasian - Antioch Tyche


Vespasian. Æ20- Half-Assarion (?). Rome or Antioch (with Rome mint dies), 73-74 AD Obv. IMP VESP AVG PM T P laureated head to l. Rev. ANTIOCHIA Turreted and draped bust of Tyche r. Cohen 669 (-) Bronze struck in Rome and shipped to Syria, or locally struck in Syria (probably Antioch) from dies engraved in Rome, for circulation in Syria. These Rome mint style coins don't bear the characteristics of imperial bronze denominations, Dupondius/As/Semis/Quadrans: weight and metal don't match, reverses don't show the normal senate approval 'SC'. Rather, these coins have to fit in the Greek coinage system, and would then be Assaria and their fractions. Superb desert patina.

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Latin coinage for the East (Syria)

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Wow, never even seen this one before, it must be rare. I have a thing for these small bronzes meant for circulation in the east, as they walk a fine line between Imperial and Provincial coinage in a very interesting fashion.
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