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AR Anonymous Brockage 115/114 B.C. (3.84g) O: Hd of Roma r. in winged Corinthian helmet; in ex., ROMA; Cr.287/1; Syd.530 R: Incuse of obverse G: EF S: Harlan J. Berk, Ltd. 95th B/B (lot 210) 2/14/97

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Roman Republican Silver

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This kind of item is an error at the mint: a brockage, where the worker forgot to remove the previously struck coin while striking the new flan: it took the negative impression of the previous coin obverse. The incuse side fully matches the obv., apart from some details that didn't come out. I have never heard such coins were struck intentionally; it is a failure in the quality control at the mint!



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Sharp eye, Mark. The most obvious difference is the ROMA lettering below the truncation of the neck, but I had assumed that was a centering issue. It looks like the top or the R is below the horsehair tail of the crest, but it does make one wonder. -c
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I understand what brockage implies, however I still find some inconsistencies.


Clay has pointed out the difference in the Roma, but I will concede that this may be just a poorly transfer of the strike.


However, two things that raise questions.


The first is the X symbol. Although the obverse and reverse sides are identical in size, the reverse is markedly farther away from the plumage.


The second is the plumage itself, especially at the crest. Unless this is a trick of lighting, it appears that the obverse has incised lines that create the feathering.


To me it appears that the same lines on the reverse are also incised (cut in) and not raised as I would expect.


Clay...................is this the case?

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You make some good points, Mark. I'll have to get the coin out of the Safety Deposit Box, grab some calipers and a good magnifying glass, and study the coin more closely. -c
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