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AR C. Valerius Flaccus Denarius 82 B.C.(3.7g) Massillia mint O: dr. bust of Victory r.; ear of corn before; RSC Valeria 12a; BMC 1-6; Syd. 747; Craw.365/1c; ; RHC Sulla 17. R: Legionary Eagle between two maniples inscribed H (Hastati) and P (Principes); C. VAL. FLA. IMPERAT; EX S.C. between. G: GVF S: SPINK NUM CIRC XCIX(9) 11/91 (lot 7026) This coin was minted during the dictatorship of L. Cornelius Sulla Felix while Flaccus was ProConsul in Gaul prior to going to Spain to fight the followers of the dead Consul Marius under Q. Sertorius. By the end of this year Sulla was in full control of Rome and he assumed the office of Dictator.

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Roman Republican Silver

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