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AU Lucius Verus Aureus 161-169 A.D.(7.27g) Rome mint 164 A.D. O: L VERUS AUG ARMENIACUS; Bust r.; BM-300; C-158 (100 FR) R: Verus, togate man and soldier on platform, Sohaemus standing on ground before receiving diadem from Verus; TRP IIII IMP II COS II; in ex., REX ARMEN DAT G: "Lovely high relief. Luxuriant curly hair." FDC S: Harlan J. Berk, Ltd. "During the construction of the Benedictine monastery of Sant Anselmo on mount Aventin in Rome a hoard of aurei of Marcus Aurelius and Lucius Verus was unearthed in 1893; the total number of coins found is uncertain, there could have been as many as 300-400 aurei, many of them fresh as struck. 45 coins were acquired by the Medagliere del Vaticano, the majority of the hoard went to the trade." -Baldwin's Auctions catalog 1/7/09

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That type fascinates me. Before the 1890s it was very rare, until the construction of a new Benedictine convent on the Aventine mount in Romewher a large hoard of aurei was found in 1893. Shared among the workers, the police could only recover 45 pieces, all for Lucius Verus and of the same obverse die, then deposited to the Vatican museum; the rest came on the market, it is estimated that the hoard contained circa 300-400 coins.

Your coin probably belongs to this famous Aventine hoard.

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Thanks for the reference. I had not heard this story before, but now I will definitely see what I can find out about it. Thanks again for the heads-up. -c
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