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Vespasian BMCRE 43


BMCRE 43, RSC 229 Rome Mint, 69-70 A.D. Obv - Head of Vespasian, laureate, r. Rev - Jewess (as type of Judaea), draped and veiled, seated r. on ground, head inclined downwards, l. knee drawn up, hand bound behind back and fastened to palm-tree. IVDAEA in ex. aVF The reverse commemorates the end of the Jewish War and is part of the 'Judaea Capta' series that Vespasian issued soon after he became emperor. The coin depicts a Jewess, seated before a palm tree (representing the land), with her hands tied behind her back and in mourning. Clearly no academic interpretation is needed to understand what is meant by this reverse design. This particular reverse is a much scarcer type than the standard Jewess seated before trophy. Another rare type I had some trouble finding a decent example of. The nick on Vespasian's cheek is a minor flaw. Even though struck on a small flan all the major designs are full.

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Vespasian Denarii

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