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Claudius II, Billon Antoninianus / Juno / Antioch


[b]Attribution:[/b] RIC 212 (RIC V, Part I) [b]Mint:[/b] Antioch, B [b]Date:[/b] 269-270 AD [b]Obverse:[/b] IMP C CLAVDIVS AVG, Radiate, draped, cuirassed bust right, seen from behind [b]Reverse:[/b] IVNO R_E_GINA, Juno standing facing, head left, patera in right hand, long scepter in left, peacock at feet to left looking right, B in exergue [b]Size:[/b] 21mm x 22mm [b]Weight:[/b] 3.96 grams ex Beast

From the album:

Recovery of the Empire

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