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As Julia Domna - Temple of Vesta


JULIA DOMNA (under CARACALLA). Æ As. Rome, 215-217 AD. Obv. IVLIA PIA FELIX AVG draped bust right, wearing stephane Rev. VESTA SC four Vestals sacrificing over altar in front of the Temple of Vesta. RIC 607, Cohen 234 (12 F) The small temple of Vesta in the Forum in Rome had a long history. The first was supposedly built by Numa Pompilius, but was soon destroyed in a fire. A second temple was burnt down by the Celts in 390 BC, a third burnt down in 241 and a fourth lasted until Augustus rebuilt it, only to be also burnt down in AD 64. Nero rebuilt that one, but it, the sixth temple, again burnt down in 191. The final temple, now still visible on the site, was rebuilt under the supervision of Julia Domna. [Leu] Scarce.

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bought on eBay US! A nice natural green patina and a tiny grade above, and I would have to pay this coins 15 times what I paid :rolleyes:



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